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About Us

Our mission from the start was to combine daytime dining with high-end food to
allow our customers to connect socially over chef-designed menus and good
customer service. The idea for Servd. was created during lockdown when the hustle
and bustle of cafes and restaurants were sorely missed in towns and communities
across Ireland. This is where our story began …… People.Love.Food.

We opened Servd. in the heart of Westport town on Bridge Street in 2020 where we
focused on breakfast, brunch and lunch and looked to our chefs to help us create a
contemporary menu that stood out for its originality and creativity.
Our food is inspired by what we love to see on an Irish menu while taking inspiration
from the international cuisine arena. Our dishes give a twist with interesting flavour
combinations, unique tastes and colourful presentation that is a treat for the eyes !!
All our proteins are charred over coals on our Josper Grill which enhances our
burgers, stacks and kebabs with a smoky tender taste that is unique to Servd.
We also serve a selection of coffees, speciality drinks and wine. All are specifically
selected to complement our menu.

Servd. Up
Following Servd.’s success in Bridge Street, we have opened and launched Servd.
Up in Westpoint Shopping Centre.
The concept behind Servd. up is to follow in our mission of creating a servd. culture
of great food and connection while allowing for both eating in and taking out. While having similarities to town this menu is designed to be different !!
In Servd. Up we have a traditional Rotisserie where we create delicious Rotisserie
Chicken dishes and combine it with top-class toasted melts, salads, soups and more.
All our chickens are Irish and Free Range and are brined for 48 hours to make them
as juicy as possible. We marinate them in our secret herb and spice mix for that

signature taste. The chickens are slowly roasted over the spit in our Rotisserie and
basted in their juices allowing for a succulent result.
Our menu allows for a busy lifestyle with healthy take-out dishes that will satisfy any
Friday night dinner fix or a quick lunch run on those busy office days. Check out what our takeaway menu has to offer ….




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